maandag 2 maart 2009

flowers and new punch

The beginning of a wonderful flower, the Hellaborus. I so love this plant that brings spring real early. It starts it bloom in februari in such wonderful colors. Some even have spickles! As if it's been painted!!!

This is one of the beautiful roses that I got for Valentine. It's so gorgious!

I got this wonderful Martha Stewart punch from Ebay. I'm so happy with it. It came within a week. So fast. All the way from the States. Used it today on a card, will try to make a photo of that tomorrow and post it. Too bad these punches are not available over here.

Have a nice week and thanks for looking!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely flower there Mieke - we are going into the reds/yellows of autumn and the garden is not looking so pretty.

    Very cool punch.

  2. What a beautiful punch. I have seen them around on UK blogs but none available here either...must try e bay myself some time ;-) I have a fun challenge for you on my blog

  3. Mooie foto's van de Helleborus en de roos zeg! En die pons ziet er ook erg leuk uit - all the way from the USA!
    Veel plezier ermee,
    groetjes, Stefanie

  4. You are such an awesome photographer!! I love the flower pictures. Have fun with the punch.I look forward to seeing what you create!! Hugs Sis!

  5. Love the flowers and I'm looking forward to seeing your punched card :) I want to get the threading water punch, but haven't saved the money, yet ...


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