donderdag 19 maart 2009

Candy Time and Photo's

Meet one of Mara's favorites, Saint!

And this is my sweetheart, if only she could be mine!
On thursday we go to the stables for Mara's lesson, I the meantime, while she was on her favorite (very little) horse, I brushed this gorgious Tinker called Miss Moppie. She is so sweet!

Do check out Bev's great blog "all the things I love". She has some candy to give away because of the coming new stamps (can't hardly wait to see them!) at Whiff of joy.

Tfl again

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Mieke -- I love that picture of Mara and Saint!! You can see her love of the horse!!

  2. It is a lovely photo of the two of them. As for me - I like horses from a distance. LOL

  3. He Mieke, prachtige foto van Mara en d'r favorieten paard!! enne.... heb al een comment achtergelaten op Bev's blog :)
    Groetjes, Stefanie

  4. iets te snel getypt zie ik - sorry voor de cursus Nederlands voor beginners!!

  5. Oooh I love horses! Used to ride when I was younger too & envy you getting to groom one. That smell is just the best!

  6. Your 'spring' photos are so beautiful!!!....I'd love to see these gorgeous pic's on a scrapbook page!! have a wonderful blog site too!

    ~Gabrielle xx


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