zaterdag 12 februari 2011

My new toy

I'm in LOVE! *sigh*

Received my new toy and started playing with it today. It's amazing!!

I can show you a sneak peak for the new Bird is the Word challenge. I made this one with the Jasmin cartridge.

Will show you more when the Bird is the Word is up.
Now what to do.... start a new project or starting to pack for my long weekend away
Mmmmm... not sure.....
BTW, I'm having a wonderful week, one of my layouts is going to be published in Englands best selling scrapbook magazine! Have to wait a while though, it's in the early november issue. But I'm ok with that, I just very proud!! lol!
Enjoy your weekend!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Glad you are having such a great time with it and it's easy!

  2. I am so envious. I if only i can afford one of those I'll be in heaven. Have fun with your new toy!


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