woensdag 6 mei 2009

Batavia Stad

Yesterday we went to Batavia stad (outlet city) for the first time. The weather was not that good but we had no rain. Mara was not so happy cause she hurt her elbow and was feeling sad. Lots of shops, we've seen lots of them from the inside. Ger and Robin bought jeans and shirts at Tom Tailors. No luck for Mara, her favorite Allstars sneakers were sold out.
The Batavia was very nice to see. Next time we will visit the yard and the ship.

Sad faces, I have no idea why, we had such a great day!
with lunch at.........

Yep, the Mac Donalds. Kids loved their Happy meals.

Have a nice day!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What a cool looking place to visit - love that tree in the background of the first picture but the kids sure do look sad though! LOL

  2. Looks like a lovely place to visit - my kids also love the MacDonalds - shame, maybe the kids were just exhausted,lol!

  3. Ziet er erg leuk uit maar ..... kids will be kids!! en wat heb je trouwens een leuke blog header!! hoe heb je dat gedaan???
    xx Mo


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