zaterdag 11 juni 2011

New photographs

Today we went to Nunspeet where the KLPD (police) held demonstrations with their horses and dogs. It was amazing to see how young horses are trained to walk next to fire, through smoke and lots of noise. The dogs are trained so well to catch a person, find drugs (even on top of a car) and even drag a person out of a car on his or her arm. We watched the riot police on foot and by horse work the field. It was amazing!

I had so much fun with my camera Canon 350D with my 28-200 and 70-300 lenses. So need to do this more often! Maby this monday if the weather is good I can make some more great pics!
Tomorrow DD and I are going to the movies, a Dutch film called Penny's Shadow about horses.
Enjoy your weekend!


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