maandag 15 juni 2009

It's a winner

When I opened my mailbox today there was a personal message from Pam, owner at My Creative Scrapbook..... I won! There's a weekly challenge going on and I won last weeks by using multiple photo's in a layout. That's the same lo that I send in to Nikki's DT call.

It sure is my lucky layout!

I've made a very great layout today, will put it up here tomorrow. And you can find me now on Facebook. Have to find out how it all works but I found some scrapfriends allready!

This photo I made this morning just before Mara went to school. She went to the hairdressers last friday and had her hair knotted (hope that's the right word for it!). Today she got it out and look at the curls!

Tha's all for now, have a great evening,

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  1. I think the word you are looking for is PLAITED. It looks very nice. I am also on Facebook but prefer to connect with people via blogging, as I don't have alot of time for Facebook. I will try to find you though, but don't think I know your surname??!! You can look for me & invite me as a friend & I will accept. It does have an online MSn facility which can be quite fun to chat via typing so I will check if you are online once we are FB friends.


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